I don’t know if any of you care or have even noticed I don’t use this blog anymore or even know who I am - but hey! It’s been a while hasn’t it?

To be blunt: I’m not interested in blogging about the fandoms that appear on this blog. Some of them I’ve grown out of and hate altogether (Glee and Teen Wolf) and some of them I still follow, but aren’t interested in blogging about anymore (Game of Thrones, Orphan Black and Shameless). Pretty much the only thing I’m really intensely interested in blogging about is The Flash and it hasn’t even aired as proper show yet.

Therefore I don’t really have use for this blog, at least until The Flash premiers.

This blog also represents a really unhappy and negative time of my life, clouded with anxiety and depression. In a lot of ways, I’m still very unhappy and negative, and I still have anxiety and depression, but I’m dealing with it much better and in an entirely different way. My life now is completely different to life I had 6 months ago, and this blog is pretty much all about the life I had 6 months ago. In a way, staying away from this blog is like staying away from the life I had before.

I’ve debated about what I should do with this blog, and I know that for now, I’m okay with it staying up. I may or may not return in the future, and I may or may not remake (especially when the flash premiers), but for now I’m just going to leave it here.

I do have another blog, but I wanna keep it on the down low for personal reasons. 

So thanks for going on this weird and wacky tumblr journey with me for the past 2 or so years (I can’t even remember I time when I didn’t have tumblr LOL) and I wish y’all the best (if I don’t return, that is). Bye!

Ned produced Robert’s letter. “Lord Varys, be so kind as to show this to my lady of Lannister.” The eunuch carried the letter to Cersei. The queen glanced at the words. “Protector of the Realm,” she read. “Is this meant to be your shield, my lord? A piece of paper?” She ripped the letter in half, ripped the halves in quarters, and let the pieces flutter to the floor.

favorite scene ★ martell vs. lannister royal wedding sass

shameless alphabet  emotions


#probably what he said the first time renly brought loras home tbh [x]

There is nothing that I want more then for you to meet the right person that totally loves and adores you for the amazing guy that you are.

Can I keep the sweatshirt?

Yeah, keep the sweatshirt.


"I don’t think that bolt of lightning struck you, Barry. I think it chose you.”